Welcome to Disability Benefits In Ontario

Every year, thousands of disabled Canadians struggle simply to survive because they are either unable to work or just unable to find work. Over the past few decades, the Canadian government has instituted several programs in order to help these unfortunate citizens get the assistance they need to survive. Unfortunately, the process that a person must go through in order to receive disability benefits in Ontario has become clogged with usual bureaucratic red tape that slows down all government processes.

The piles of paperwork and confusing technical questions have kept many deserving individuals from collecting their rightfully deserved benefits over the years and that is precisely why the Canadian Benefits Group was founded. Our team of caring experts has been extensively trained in everything they need to know to understand both your position as a disabled citizen and every aspect of the application process. From the time you first call us or walk through our doors, our friendly staff will work tirelessly to make sure you receive your much deserved disability benefits.

Each claim that you enter for the Canadian disability tax credit can be worth as much as $35,000 and you may be eligible for back claims on the years during which you were disabled but did not collect. This can obviously add up very quickly into a huge windfall for anyone who struggles not only with a disability but also with the associated bills and other monetary hardships that are all too common in today’s economy.

We believe that there is no reason anyone should ever allow a pile of paper to stand between them and disability benefits in Ontario. This is why we will stand beside you through every step of the process from the initial assessment until your checks finally begin arriving in the mail. There is nothing better than the feeling we get when we see the look of relief on a client’s face that comes with the news that they finally have a way to get ahead of their debts and begin down the road to the life they’ve always dreamed of.